Nip it in the budget

April 26th, 2012

As of fall 2012, the Student Union Programming Board’s budget will decrease from $309,000 to $297,000, a cut of about $12,000. This concerns students because the cuts mean that their money will be redirected.

The budget cuts could inhibit SUPB’s possibilities for future programming, but the money is not going to go to waste. It will be redistributed to programs like Late Night Programming and Diversity & Inclusion and will also be put towards the Corbo Weight and Cardiovascular Room.

The budget cuts have caused SUPB to use its funds more efficiently. The Spring Concert typically costs $65,000 and the new model for the concert reduces costs by about $15,000. The new concert series also will increase participation from the student body with the low-cost variety and intrigue of student bands.

While budget cuts of this size could cause worry, it is important to note that SUPB will now be concentrating on quality, rather than quantity. They may have fewer on campus events, but the ones scheduled will get more participation from students.

Since the budget comes from student’s tuition, it is important that they take advantage of and attend the programming events.

If the budget cuts do not result in higher quality programming in the future, students should voice their concerns to Student Union.