Road trip

April 19th, 2012

On the last day of finals, May 11, I will be embarking on a journey that is known to be one of the greatest college traditions:  taking a road trip.

I have been planning this voyage across this beautiful country of ours to Los Angeles for some time now, and in the process I have been trying to plan out a few of the details of a trip with such potential.

The drive to Los Angeles from John Carroll University takes somewhere between 34 and 38 hours of driving. I’ll be making that journey over the course of three-and-a-half days. That is a lot of time spent in a car driving. With that being said, there are notable necessities required for a trip like this, the first of them being a traveling companion.

My dearest friend Christina Das, who attends Northeastern University, is the exact person you would want to take a road trip with. The girl always knows how to have a good time even if you are stuck in a car, and she is absolutely known to be one of the most fun people that I have come across. Christina will be taking a Greyhound bus in from Rochester to Cleveland on Thursday night and staying here at JCU as I finish up my last two final exams the following morning. Then the trip will begin.

The next necessity of the trip will be good music (I emphasize the word “good” because a lot of music on the radio is not music, it is a DJ ruining what used to be done by guitars, bass and drums). I have purchased an ‘06 Chevy Cobalt, which will be our ride out west. Unfortunately, an auxiliary plug was not put in many ‘06 cars, so I have had an after-market radio installed so we can listen to my iPod. Lord only knows what music I would have been stuck with for 37 hours driving through New Mexico and Oklahoma, where you are surrounded by flat land for farther than the eye can see.

Not only a necessity of a road trip, but of life, is sleep and where it will happen is something you have to face. I am in no way, shape or form a person who can drive through the night. Luckily, Christina is an insomniac who will be able to keep me up as I drive (I will be driving the entire time due to the fact that Christina’s ability to drive a car is not one I trust with my own).

Luckily, I have a very good family friend who lives in Wichita, Kan., a little over 16 hours away from JCU, who I am hoping will allow Christina and me to crash on a couch for a few needed hours of sleep upon our arrival.

With almost the first half of the trip out of the way, the next planned stop is scheduled to be Las Vegas, Nev. on Sunday night.

Some of you may be saying, “There is nothing fun you can do in Vegas if you are underage.” This would be false. Just to be in Las Vegas and see the sights will be enough for me. Plus it’s a great place to stop and stretch the legs a bit.

Unless we find a cheap hotel that will allow two people under 20 to get a room, we will sleep in the car for the night.

The next day is a short three-hour hop, skip and a jump in to the great city of Los Angeles which I will call home until my departure in late August.