Two-way street

March 22nd, 2012

I am very disturbed by the faculty and staff letter regarding the HHS contraceptive mandate. The opening line that they are concerned about religious liberty is disingenuous at best. They express concern that the bishops have chosen a path of continued confrontation. Is it wrong to stand by the constitutionally guaranteed right to religious freedom? Should there be compromise on religious beliefs? To frame the argument in terms of health is absurd. The Constitution does not guarantee religious freedom with an exception for a perceived benefit to women’s health. Following the logic of the letter writers, if HHS  next week decided that, under the guise of women’s health, contraceptives must be provided on the campus of John Carroll University (even if at no cost to JCU)  they would see no problem with an infringement on religious liberty. Instead of being upset with the stance of the bishops those letter writers should be outraged that our government has such little regard for the Catholic Church, its institutions, and all people of faith.