Murphy mayhem

March 22nd, 2012

During the 2011-12 academic year, vandalism in Murphy Hall has amounted to $12,201 in damage.

The incidents have been continuous throughout the year. Because of the prevalence and the severity of the damage, measures must be taken immediately to pinpoint offenders.

As a residence hall, Murphy should be a place where students should feel comfortable and safe and  are free of inconvenience. With all of the major damage done in the past year, the expected atmosphere of the dorm has been compromised.

Students should be firmly held accountable for these acts of vandalism. Those who have any information about the damage should come forward to prevent the punishment of students who have no connection to the vandalism.

If perpetrators are not identified soon, fines should be issued to the entire residence hall; damage on one floor cannot definitively be isolated to the residents of that floor.

To identify future offenders, Residence Life should strongly consider the placement of security cameras in hallways and common areas. However, the vandalism in Murphy has gone on for too many years. Strong measures must be taken to prevent damage. Security cameras would enable Residence Life authorities to identify the vandals and punish them.

Murphy Hall has, for many years, been a cesspool of disrespect and rambunctiousness. It is about time that Murphy shed its reputation as “The Dirty Murph.” If appropriate measures are taken by Residence Life to prevent future misdeeds, it will save both the University and residents money and inconvenience.