Get the facts

March 22nd, 2012

In the article, Paul Lauritzen wants the “bishops to reduce the intensity of their rhetoric and …allow … insurance coverage of contraception,” because he believes that contraceptive use is “healthy for women and children.” (He just merely states this and doesn’t argue for it.)

However, he is clearly wrong in his views.

John Carroll University is an established Catholic institution.  They are absolutely right in not allowing contraceptives in their health care plans. Therefore those who signed Paul Lauritzen’s letter demanding access to contraceptives in their health care plan have no business complaining about Church teaching.  If you don’t like it, then leave.

Taking the birth control as an example, the website lists 15 negative effects of the birth control pill. Some of them are breast cancer, heart disease, heart attacks and blood clots. This website fully explains the negative effects.

Obama’s “health care” initiative also demands free access to abortifacients. An abortifacient destroys the embryo after the moment of conception has occurred. The moment of conception is when life begins, when the egg is fertilized by the sperm – nine months before actual birth. If this embryo dies a human life is lost. Therefore abortifacients are clearly unhealthy for children in that it kills them.

Contraception use has made the following things necessary:  Once contraception was legalized, couples began to split, especially through divorce. Divorce causes a great deal of harm to the woman and her children because now she must find work to support herself and her children.  And the children are further hurt as they only get to visit their father one weekend a month, if they are lucky their dad still loves them and pays his government ordered child support and the government allows the father to visit.

Sexual activity increased which brought with it an increase in “unwanted” pregnancies which resulted in the legalization of abortion. An estimate of the number of abortions since 1973 is roughly 53-56 million children. This is in the U.S. alone; just think about how many abortions have occurred throughout the whole world.  And you’re concerned about the health of women and children?  High sexual activity also increased the amount of sexually transmitted diseases, the number of cancers and violence toward women and children increased as well.

Tell me, how is contraceptive use healthy?

Before anyone goes around saying that contraceptive use is healthy for women and children (this includes all the “health” organizations listed in Lauritzen’s letter) please take a look at the facts before you jump to this conclusion. You are seriously wrong and you should get your information straight. The good health of women and children depends on people getting the facts straight. Please think about what I said – contraceptive use is unhealthy and even deadly … both physically and spiritually.