Residence Life to make changes

March 1st, 2012

For students who might have missed their floor meetings last week, there have been some changes to JCU’s 2012-13 housing selection process. The deadline for applications is midnight tonight (March 1).

With the recent increase in tuition in the upcoming academic year, the cost of room and board will now include a standard double room as well as a choice of three meal plans: the 14 meal/week and 100 point meal plan, the block 175 and 150 point meal plan or the block 125 and 250 point meal plan.

The total cost of this will be $9,610 per academic year, an increase from $9,150 for the current academic year.

“No one wants to pay more for their room; that goes without saying,” said sophomore Veronica Lysaght.

Those choosing to live in a room other than a double or opt for a larger meal plan will be required to pay an additional premium charge. The extra meal plans are the block 250 and 100 point meal plan (an extra $260 per year) and for those who are especially hungry the unlimited meal and 100 points plan (an extra $680 per year).

However, students will get some relief. During Spring Break all buildings will be open to those who register, for no additional costs; and all halls will remain open for Fall, Thanksgiving and Easter breaks for anyone wanting to avoid yet another conversation back home about where their major is taking them.

During Winter Breaks Bernet, Dolan, Murphy and Hamlin will also be open for an additional cost.

“There are some risks if people are here without homework for Christmas break that they might run a little wild but I think it is great to have the option to stay if you’d like to,” said senior Hannah Dubyoski, a current resident of Bernet.

These are not the only changes. Starting this August, Millor Hall will be reserved exclusively for sophomores. Furthermore, in order to accommodate demand due to the large class of 2015 who are going to become sophomores and the equally large anticipated incoming class of 2016, the number of super singles in Dolan Hall will be reduced. Students looking for a super single, however, can find them on the third floor of Dolan Hall.

Some may be sad to hear that there will be no honors or healthy living option for upperclassmen. This will still remain an option for abstemious or hard-working first-year students. Any budding entrepreneurs need not worry, though; places on the entrepreneur’s floor in Murphy Hall will continue to be offered.

Lisa Brown, the director of Residence Life, worked closely with the honors program chair, Julia Karolle-Berg, and a student within the honors program to come to the honors floor solution.

“Because of decreased demand for the honors and healthy living floors, we agreed it would be best to focus on first-years who are honors students or interested in healthy living with the hope that, by concentrating on these students, we would be able to grow demand to upper classes in the future,” said Brown.

Another big change will affect Greek life, as the Delta Tau Delta fraternity floor will be moved from the second floor of Millor to the third floor of Campion, meaning that Hamlin and Campion will be housing all Greek floors.

“We wanted the Greek community to all be in the same area and we hope this will foster a close-knit Greek community,” said Brown.

“This move definitely could increase Greek unity,” said Kappa Kappa Gamma junior Natalie Winer.

“I think it will help to get the Delts interwoven with the other fraternity and sororities that are in Campion and Hamlin. They’re not going to be excluded anymore,” added Kappa Delta Brianna Eucker.  Julie Nieberding agreed.

The grapevine is buzzing with rumors that freshmen no longer get to choose dorm preferences and that the lottery system is being overhauled. Brown put these rumors to rest.

She said, “We are still in the process of determining housing for the incoming year, but there are no changes to the selection process currently and we will be using the lottery system in the same way as in previous years.”

All students will need to complete the online application process by midnight Thursday, March 1. Students with questions should contact their area coordinator or the Office of Residence Life.