The interwebz: my best friend

February 23rd, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows I love the Internet.

YouTube is always there to make me laugh with some of its classic videos, videos like “Ultimate Dog Tease” and “Ken Lee” and of course, the countless laughing baby or puppy videos.

And when that is not enough, I check out funny new memes on

Or, if I really feel like wasting a whole day, I surf the whole Internet on Stumbleupon.

If I’m ever feeling lonely, I hang out with all 758 of my friends on Facebook.

I don’t even have to leave my futon or put on pants.

The best thing about Facebook is that I can show all my friends the funny videos and pictures I found on all my other favorite sites.

Facebook has its meaningful uses, too.

One can easily keep in contact with friends and family living across the country or overseas.  Groups can be created to share common interests.

Parties can be planned and invites sent out, and RSVPs have never been easier. This brings me to the status update. Mark Zuckerberg made a huge error adding this feature to his masterpiece.

Sure Facebook asks you, “What’s on your mind?” But, that doesn’t mean you have to share everything thought that has ever gone through your head.

No one cares that your “homework is so hard right now (frowny face” or your suffering from a case of “#accountingmajorproblems).”

What is worse is when people share personal information about their lives, like the status I saw recently about a girl’s visit to her gynecologist.

Just because So-and-So and What’s-Her-Face “like” your status doesn’t mean anyone else cares.

Now, to all you Tweeters out there, please stop it.

Twitter has taken the most annoying part of Facebook and has based its whole existence off of it.

Needless to say, Twitter is pointless.

The Internet has become a medium for narcissists to voice their thoughts and opinions.

You used to have to write a column for a newspaper that no one reads to get your voice heard.

Now all you have to do is upload a video to YouTube or create a Twitter account.

Vloggers like Philip DeFranco flood the front page of YouTube.

I miss the days when people getting mildly hurt was what filled YouTube’s most popular.  The Internet has become a drug and we are all addicts.

My beloved Internet is being abused.

So, this is an intervention to all Internet users.

We must use her in moderation. Next time you have the urge to put your thoughts out there for the world to see, stop and really think about what you are posting.

If it is not important in some way, then don’t post it.

If you are not sure if it is important or not, then it probably isn’t.

So to the Twitter and Facebook addicts, I give you this motto to live by: When in doubt, log out.

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