A match made in food Heaven

February 23rd, 2012

For the perfect combination of salty and sweet, the newly established Sweetie Fry on Lee Road is where it’s at. It is conveniently located a short drive away from campus, perfect for after a night out at Coventry or The Pub.

The ice cream-french fry shop has a lot to offer with its eccentric creamy creations and flavors of fries. With reasonable prices, there is no reason not to stop  for a tingling taste sensation or the complementary “Sweetie Scoop” that is 100 percent free.

Not to mention, the shop is open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays for the bar-goers to enjoy a sweet treat on the way home.

The owner, Keith Logan, is a Cleveland Heights native who has traveled around New England to learn everything there is to know about ice cream. Since Sweetie Fry’s opening on Oct. 1 last year, he has succeeded with his two goals: to become an artisan of ice cream and to open an ice cream shop on Lee Road. He thinks outside the box with unusual but tasty concoctions.

The chalkboard menu on the wall provides the 15 current flavors, which tend to rotate based on season and popularity.  A few crowd favorites include strawberries & sour cream, maple bacon (strangely good), vanilla bean, deep chocolate and mango sorbet.

You may be thinking that actual bacon in ice cream would be disgusting, but those who have tasted it say that it is the perfect combination of salty sweetness, as is the case with many of Logan’s questionable combinations.

The ice cream served at Sweetie Fry encompasses flavors from around the world at the convenience of our neighborhood counter.  Logan has sought out the best ingredients for his ice creams to create the top-notch taste, like chocolate from California, as well as vanilla beans from Madagascar and bacon from the West Side Market in downtown Cleveland.

But it would be shameful to give all the attention to the ice cream alone. The fries are big contenders as some of the best fries in the Cleveland area. While more costly than the Dollar Menu fries at McDonald’s, the price is well-worth the serving of made-to-order fries.  The flavors of Sweetie Fry’s shoe string and waffle fries are bold and authentic, and range from $4.95 to $8.75. Not only do they offer regular and large servings of fries, but also entrée fries to suffice for a whole meal.

The quirky flavors do not stop for the fries, either.  The pizza fries, bestsellers on the menu, are loaded with cheese and other pizza toppings of choice. The runner-up on the favorites list is the parmesan truffle fries with parmesan cheese imported from Italy.

Exploring the french fry selection would lead you to find the chili cheese, gorgonzola & tabasco, funnel cake fries, and more to tempt your taste buds. A classic favorite, the sweet potato fries, also get a well-earned spot on the menu with a choice of numerous dipping sauces for experimenting.

All of the ice cream and fries are made on location by Logan and his understudies.  There will be no question when you are handed your hefty scoops of hand-crafted ice cream and serving of forget-me-not fries that you are happy you gave this place a shot. Logan does not mess around with his decadent selection of ice creams and fries, but go and taste for yourself.

The tingle in your throat from the chili chocolate ice cream will leave you questioning, are they all this good?  The answer is yes.