Not very memorable: ‘The Vow’

February 16th, 2012

“The Vow” seems like a perfect date movie. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, who play the lead roles, are fun together and are really what hold the movie up.

McAdams and Tatum play a couple, Paige and Leo, who are madly in love. But after a car accident, Paige ends up in a coma and wakes up with no memory of the last few years of her life – all the years she spent with Leo.

Leo has to not only get Paige to remember, but also to fall in love with him all over again. Great setup, right?

Director Michael Sucsy chooses to lump all of the problems in the beginning of the movie. An hour and a half in, I knew everything that needed to be resolved, but the cutesy romantic moments in the previews – the moments everyone was excited for, had only just begun and didn’t last long.

Luckily for the audience, the acting is genuinely captivating and charming. McAdams and Tatum have an energetic chemistry that made the characters believable and people I’d want to know.

Paige’s character is so funny throughout the movie. Rachel McAdams is really the perfect actress to play the part. There is a delightful scene where Leo informs her that she’s a vegetarian – something else she forgot after her accident – after she starts to eat a piece of bacon. McAdams plays this humor flawlessly as she picks the bacon back up when Leo walks out the door. It’s little scenes like these that the actors execute so well that make the movie work.

A movie categorized as a romantic drama goes heavy on the drama while sprinkling a few romantic moments in for good measure. For a movie whose title is “The Vow,” I’m not sure this was the way to go.

In the end, the movie ends up being more about family relationships rather than the specific love between two people.

If you’re looking for a cute and cuddly romantic film for Valentine’s Day, you’re better off watching one of the classic Hollywood love stories. “The Vow” seems like it should fit that description, but it’s more of a movie to catch on TV or rent with some friends.

Don’t be so quick to shell out your $12 for a ticket, plus $7 for candy, plus $12 more for your beautiful date.

The most romantic part of “The Vow” came at the end when the screen went black. Not to imply that the best part of the movie was the fact that it was ending, but at the end of the movie, text appears explaining what happened to the real-life couple that the film is inspired by.

Apparently, the woman never regained her memory of her husband, but he managed to make her fall for him again and they’re now happily married with two kids.

It really does show how in love someone can be when they fall in love twice. The problem is that feeling isn’t shown throughout the entire movie, which is probably what the director was going for but never really achieved.

“The Vow” is based on a beautiful real life story, has two great leading actors with fun chemistry, and some really adorable moments. It just doesn’t do enough to set itself apart from other films of the same genre to make itself a memorable classic in any way. It’s just standard fare. Nothing can save it, not even the two leads.

If you are too much of a sucker for romantic movies that you simply must go, see it with low expectations so you can at least justify your $20 with a feeling of fulfillment. It won’t change your life, but it’ll make that hour and a half a little more enjoyable. Plus, Channing Tatum is a hottie.

“The Vow” promised to be the go-to romantic film this Valentine’s Day. That’s just a promise that it couldn’t keep. Stick with the flowers and chocolate.