Interview: The talented Booboo Stewart

February 16th, 2012

Booboo Stewart is not only an actor, but he is also a writer, a model, a dancer, a stuntman and a musician. He also plays Seth Clearwater in the massively successful “Twilight” film series.  Booboo traveled to Cleveland last week to promote the DVD and Blu-ray release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I.” 

The Carroll News: How did you get the name Booboo?

Booboo Stewart: It’s really just a nickname from my parents.


CN: What was it like working with Rob and Kristin?

BS:  It was incredible! They’re very nice people. I wasn’t sure what they would be like at first but finally getting to meet them was really nice.


CN: Is it safe to say that your career blew up after “Eclipse”?

BS: It’s definitely getting closer and it’s going really good right now. It helps with music and roles for other movies.

CN: So I caught wind that you joined the “House of the Damned 3D” cast. Can you tell me what your role is going to be?

BS: Well, we’re still in negotiations so I can’t say much about it now. But I’m really excited to be a part of it.



CN: You are a quadruple threat. Do you have any other special talents?

BS: I can fold a shirt really fast!



CN: Out of everything that you do what is your favorite?

BS: Acting, for sure.



CN: In “Breaking Dawn,” Seth transforms into a wolf. What would you transform into?

BS: A monkey. They’re pretty cool.



CN: Was it fun playing a werewolf?

BS: It was great.  I wish I had more input on what it looked like but they did such an incredible job making it look so realistic.



CN: What was the hardest thing about transforming from a teenager to a teen wolf?

BS: The hardest part was doing the voice-overs and making the growling noise. It was more embarrassing than hard, actually.



CN: As far as your future, what would be your dream role?

BS: I would love to play Aladdin in “Arabian Nights.”




CN: So can you tell me what’s in store for Seth in “Breaking Dawn Part II”?

BS: I wish I could say! But there is definitely going to be a lot of new characters and action to look forward to.





CN: Other than the movies, do you have any other upcoming projects?

BS:  Well, I started in music so my sister and I still do our music. We will be going on tour in March. You should look it up, it’s called Digitour.