Student Services makes an easy move for JCU students

February 2nd, 2012

Student Services has moved its satellite location, across from Einstein Bros. Bagels, to Rodman Hall this year. The Student Service Center has always been located in the AD Building but some student services, like registration, have been moved closer to the admissions and financial aid offices, according to Maryclaire Moroney, the associate dean of academic advising.

“It can be helpful to students to have multiple support services in the same area,” Moroney said.

Although Student Services has moved into one building, academic advising has not moved and there is no timetable yet for moving this office, said Moroney.

“Over the last two years, we made some changes and it seemed to make sense to move the office instead of staffing two areas. We wanted to pull everyone together,” said Director of Financial Aid Claudia Wenzel.

It was done out of necessity due to the staffing constraints of the office with two of its staff members on maternity leave. The divided offices have always had a strong relationship but when working together as a full staff [in Rodman], they can better serve the mass quantities, said Wenzel.

The move of the offices from the Administration Building to Rodman happened after the first week of drop/add this year, said Wenzel.

“We didn’t want to cause students unnecessary grief. They are used to seeing that and instead we wanted to wait and not confuse them,” said Wenzel.

There are currently no Student Service staff in the Administration Building office. Signs are posted in the previous office directing students to the new locations they have moved to in Rodman.

Although the move has been hectic, the Student Service staff has been trying to pull through, said Wenzel. She has been consolidating with the staff and together they have been using their resources and skills to try to get through this as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

“We want to see if this is working for the students here at JCU and if we should make it a permanent thing,” Wenzel said. Student Services is going through a turbulent time, now implementing a new portal on campus that students can access themselves, according to Wenzel.

“Students will definitely find this much easier when dealing with registration, financial services and other student needs. We won’t have to go to multiple buildings to get questions answered,” said junior Julia McCormick.

Senior John Winstel said, “It was confusing to know where to go for questions about money or classes. I think merging the offices into one building makes the most sense.”

Wenzel said, “Student Service is really changing a lot, we can now be proactive instead of reactive and I hope to hear back from students on how the move impacts them.”