Streak up!

February 2nd, 2012

How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish sports were a bigger deal at John Carroll?” For me, hearing this phrase is practically a daily occurrence.

Students are always saying that they wish the sporting events at John Carroll drew in as much of a fan base as they do at bigger schools. This makes sense because sporting events can make the University money, create a community bond and make the overall experience of college more enjoyable. With all this being said, I have a question myself: if so many people wish sports were a bigger deal, why do so few people attend them?

It’s true that John Carroll is a Division III school so our student body is much smaller than that of a Division I or II school. But we still have great teams to come out and support.

The football team finished .500, the men’s basketball team is currently 14-4, men’s soccer finished 12-8, women’s soccer finished 14-8, hockey is currently 15-9 and softball finished 26-14. Not only did very few people attend any of these team’s games, even fewer knew when the games were. Great teams deserve great fans. What better incentive is there to watching your school play than knowing that you’ll be watching a winning team? Yes we go to a small school, but the level of attention that sports get is decided by us, the student body.

Attending sporting events not only benefits the students in the stands, but also the athletes playing. As a former high school athlete I know I always played better when I knew someone I cared about was watching. Even if you’re not a sports fan, if all your friends were attending a basketball or hockey game, you would probably go too. This would open up doors to meeting new people and making more friends.

If students came out to support John Carroll, this would increase school spirit and make students prouder to be a Blue Streak.

In addition to good times and new friends, the money that you pay to get into games will go to the University. That means better facilities, more on-campus events, more of all kinds of things that increase your well being at John Carroll.

So next time you’re watching a Division I basketball or football game, and you think to yourself “I wish John Carroll sporting events were like that,” make it happen. Find out when the games are and spread the word, bring friends, make T-shirts, get the student section rowdy. If you’re on a sports team, make yourself known, tell people when the games are and get them hyped about them.

So we’ll never have the same fan base as Notre Dame, who cares? Make sports a big deal at John Carroll by changing things up. If a few people lead, others will follow.

This is clearly something that a large part of John Carroll’s student body wants, because I know I’m not the only one that hears people complain about sports not being a big enough deal here. Sporting events can really enhance the social experience of college and benefit everyone involved. If you want sports to be a big deal at Carroll make them a big deal.

Go Blue Streaks!