Letter to the editor

February 2nd, 2012

I’m writing in response to Sam Lane’s commentary entitled “Profanely Moderate” and his blatant ignorance of history. Mr. Lane writes about the Republicans’ past record and one reason for subscribing to Republican ideology, “ … but also on what I feel to be a better track record.” What record are you exactly looking at?

The original Social Security Act was passed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat. Medicare and Medicaid were created under the Social Security Act of 1965, an amendment to the aforementioned legislation, under the Democratic administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Furthermore, the Democrats, again under President Johnson, ushered in an era of racial equality and ousted the discriminatory ways on the past when they passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, simply amazing. My point is Democrats have traditionally, and historically, been the catalysts behind the major social and financial reforms in this country’s short history. As for your Republican examples, Gov. Pataki and Gov.Christie, and let’s remember that under Gov. Pataki, mismanagement of the state budget led to an increase of $33 billion in state spending, not exactly the best track record. In regards to Gov. Christie, in the Tax Foundation’s 2012 State Business Tax Climate Index New Jersey was ranked the last state in the Union, “New Jersey scores at the bottom by having the third-worst individual income tax, the fifth-worst sales tax, the 13th-worst corporate tax, and the second-worst property tax.”

I digress.

Why has President Obama done a terrible job? What hasn’t he achieved while in office that he didn’t promise on the campaign trail? Give us examples and stop this empty rhetoric that does nothing for civil discourse other than push the bumper-sticker GOP slogans. Are there things President Obama could do better? Absolutely. But, I’m afraid you are blinded by the tunnel-vision displayed by the Republican Party. You talk about invoking President Reagan and his pragmatic approach, well then, why won’t Republicans come to the table on issues of higher taxes for millionaires, job creation, education reform and lowering but tightening the corporate tax rate? It would be pragmatic of them, or is that only when it’s something Republicans are pushing?

Regardless, Sam, articulate your points a little better, do your homework before writing a commentary of this topic and stop with these baseless claims on ineffectiveness. Your logic was the only thing ineffective in this commentary.