Student Union inaugurates new executive board, lays out new vision for the 2012 academic year

January 26th, 2012

In a fully packed Jardine Room on Thursday, Jan. 19, students, faculty, administrators and family members all gathered to celebrate the inauguration of a new Student Union Executive Board.

For the 2012 year, the board will consist of Greg Petsche as the Student Union president and Steven Palmieri as the executive vice president.

After being sworn into office by Pete Hayden, Vice President for Judicial Affairs Joe Hayek swore in the remaining members of the executive board, including Vice President for Business Affairs Charles Trouba, Vice President for Student Organizations Bill Cook, Vice President for Programming Taylor Horen, and Vice President for Communication Lizzie Trathen.

Former president Rita Rochford gave a departing address thanking her executive board for their support and wishing the incoming executive board the best of luck.

“I am excited that I was able to pass the torch to such a capable leader as Greg Petsche,” said Rochford. “I have every confidence in him and his administration to execute their job effectively on behalf of the student body.”

Following this, the newly elected officers took their oath of office, pledging to serve their student body to the best of their abilities.

In his inaugural address to the student body, Petsche laid out his vision for his term as president.

One of his top priorities is making the Student Union more accessible to the student body, said Petsche.

“My administration will place a bigger emphasis on student outreach. Every student should feel comfortable to reach out to their Student Union,” he said.

In order to do this, the executive board is planning to put suggestion boxes around campus, and they have already created an online suggestion box on the Student Union website.

Petsche’s other major objective this year is the promotion of diversity and inclusion on campus.

He said, “As students in the Jesuit education tradition, it is our mission to be men and women for and with others. We must ensure that John Carroll University is a place where diversity is celebrated, not hidden.”

A big part of this mission will be a Diversity and Inclusion Week, for which Vice President for Programming Taylor Horen secured funding.

Petsche said he, Rochford and junior Senator Ryan Zubal have been working with students, faculty and administrators to find new ways to integrate diversity and inclusion into the academic and residential lives of students at JCU.

Among his other goals, Petsche would like to improve JCU’s relationship with the 27 other Jesuit universities in the country and the relationship within the University Heights community.

“Our vision is clear and our mission well defined. It’s now time to act,” said Petsche.