Stay cool with winter fashions

January 26th, 2012

As the temperature begins to fall, the peak of fashion begins to rise.

No more should you trudge across campus in an outfit reminiscent of the winter apparel “A Christmas Story’s” Randy was smothered in. Instead, bundle up in something equally as warm as it is fashionable.

Although the new year is a time to start fresh, think twice before throwing out that scarf that you clung to during the autumn months, the oversized sweater from H&M that you basically lived in, or that staple item stitched with faux fur.

Many of the winter fashion trends taking center stage in 2012 are being carried over from the fall.

A classic item for both gals and guys alike that will seemingly never go out of style is the signature pea coat. Although black and navy are colors that will always remain timeless, ladies should be challenged to step of their element and try a bold color, such as red, to brighten up the dull winter months.

A new trend in coatwear is the increasing popularity of collarless coats. As the name suggests, these coats come without a collar, which makes for a clean and simple look with a vintage attitude.

If you have a favorite beanie hat that you wear religiously, try thinking about a new trend that is slowly circulating around campus. The ever -so-comfy deerstalker hat, lined with real or faux fur. This furry hat hones in on the previous fall trend of fur-lined clothing, while adding a winter flare to the equation.

Deerstalker hats can be purchased from high-end department stores such as Barney’s or Nordstrom, or from other stores more accessible to the Ramen-noodle-budget college studen” such as H&M, American Eagle Outfitters and Forever 21.

Other accessories, which are essential to add to your winter wardrobe, range from fingerless gloves to infinity scarves.

No more should you risk staying warm by removing your gloves in order to reply to a text. Fingerless or hobo gloves provide the means to accomplish tasks while still remaining warm.

Stores such as Target have even begun to sell “texting gloves” as a solution to the “texting outside in the cold dilemma.”

For guys, you can never have too much plaid flannel in a winter outfit. Add some durable hiking boots from brands such as Timberland and Red Wing and you have the perfect lumberjack look.

Attention ladies: just because it’s frigid outside doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite summer skirt anymore. Add a pair of warm leggings underneath, and your summerwear can become a winter staple.

The 2011 fall fashion legging trend has evolved into a style fit for the bitter morning walks to 8 a.m. class. Sweater tights, which are essentially made from the same knitted material of sweaters available in both solid colors and patterns, and are a warmer alternative to leggings.

Fur vests are another way to warm yourself up without sacrificing your outfit. You can even do some layering and wear it over your coat for extra coziness.

Don’t forget about scarves as well. They may seem insignificant, but a clutch scarf can make your entire outfit. For ladies, fur scarves called Snoods have become quite popular. They essentially look like fluffy pink collars. If you have a daring personality, be sure to try these out.

Boots and wintertime will forever go hand and hand. Although the ever-popular UGG boats are still a common trend on campus, knee high boats in black or tan are also hot item hailing from the inspiration of the Chanel runway.

These boots provide a finishing touch to the perfect winter outfit, making the outfit both polished and eye-catching.

Patterns such as small polka dots, hound’s-tooth and hippie-inspired floral prints are expected to take prominence in the coming months of 2012. Feathers too appear dominant on the racks of accessories storewide.

There is no excuse viable to step into the winter months of 2012 freezing and frumpy. Instead, start the new year right by putting your best boot forward and bundling up in something trendy.