Spring concert extravaganza

January 26th, 2012

This semester,  the Student Union Programming Board is taking a new approach to the annual Spring Concert. Instead of having a singular concert on campus, there will be a series of concerts at different locations around Cleveland.

This is a great idea and improvement on the past.

In the past, the Spring Concert has not drawn as much attendance and SUPB even made the concert free last year in an attempt to increase the number of attendees.

Tickets to regularly scheduled tour concerts will be purchased and sold (most likely at a discounted rate) to JCU students. This will give students the opportunity to see highly popular bands that would otherwise be too expensive to bring to JCU.

Since the concerts will be off campus and include the general public along with JCU students, the atmosphere of the concerts are likely to be much more enthusiastic and less restricted. The locations are larger and will ensure higher quality seating and sound quality than the on-campus varsity gym.

The University will also be providing transportation to the concerts which makes getting to the concerts much more safe and accessible.

Since there are so many options, students might have to be selective with the acts they see, as a student’s budget tends to be limited.

There will also be on-campus performances by local and student bands. Having this variety of concerts will cater to the different musical tastes of students and boost interest and attendance. It will also give students many opportunities to see a concert if personal scheduling conflicts should come up.

This new approach to the Spring Concert greatly improves upon the past options. Enthusiasm and anticipation is already noticeable among the student and participation is bound to blow past numbers out of the water.