JCU Dining rolls out new menu choices, services

January 26th, 2012

Along with a new schedule of classes, students now have fresh additions to the menu in Schott Dining Hall and the Inn Between.

Before last semester ended, General Manager for JCU Dining Tyson Dubay listed goals he had. Over break, Dubay said that they were able to complete everything they set out to do and are excited to see it come to fruition now that students are back on campus.

In Schott Dining Hall, the biggest change was the remodeling of the dessert station. “We consolidated our dessert area into one place,” said Dubay. “We now have our bakery out front so you see a little bit more action going on in that space.”

In addition to the renovations, Dubay said they have hired a second full-time baker so that they can gradually increase the diversity of desserts offered in the dining hall.

“[Some options may include] more cakes, more pies, multiple component things, instead of just having cookies, brownies and rice crispy treats all the time,” he said

The other major change that the new bakery has brought to the dining hall is a new way of making the pizzas.

“Along with our bakery comes baking our own pizza. If you’ve had our pizza before and you have it now, it’s quite a bit of a difference in the crust – it’s a fresher product,” said Dubay.

He explained that the dough is made fresh every day and pressed at the pizza station so that it is not as chewy.

The menu at the Inn Between has also been significantly expanded.

Now, in addition to sandwiches, flatbreads and macaroni, patrons of the Inn Between have the option of made-to-order salads and wraps as well.

Because this station is located at the flatbread counter, Dubay said that it has been very helpful in diverting some of the traffic from the grill, which has the highest volume of customers at the Inn Between.

This has also helped bring wait times down, especially during their busiest part of the year in the first several weeks of the semester.

“Our first month is usually our crunch month – that’s when everybody’s back, that’s when everybody wants to use their plus points, that’s when our nights are the busiest and the lines are the longest,” said Dubay.

The salads and wraps are $6.99, the same price as the grab-and-go salads were last semester. Dubay added, “You can get as much as you want or as little as you want.”

Several students have noticed a price increase in several menu items at the ‘Tween, but according to Dubay this is standard for this time of year because food costs as a whole tend to go up.

Sysco is the main supplier for JCU Dining for the dining hall and the Inn Between, so they are subject to Sysco’s price differences throughout the year.

With late night studying underway, the Inn Between is gearing up their call-ahead takeout option.

In order to better manage the large number of customers and decrease wait time, students now have the option to call in their order 15-30 minutes before they want to pick it up.

Sophomore Tyler Weseling was very upset with the long waits. He said that he waited 40 minutes for his sandwich.

Currently, the system uses only plus points and Carroll Cash, but eventually they would like to be able to accept credit cards and actual cash, said Dubay.

So far, this service is in its infant stages of development, and JCU Dining is looking to expand their promotions so more students know about it.

Because the program is new, many students have not yet heard about it.

Sophomore Emily Stolfer said, “I would have called ahead. It would make life easier.” She said that now that she knows about it she will probably use it.

Junior Corrin Powell agreed. “I knew about it and I would use it, as long as it’s still warm and I don’t have to wait.”

Not all JCU students have as much faith in the call ahead service.

Junior Pat Burns said, “I have a friend, who for privacy’s purposes we’ll call Code Red, who ordered his food and stepped out of the Inn Between for 10 minutes. Upon his return [he found] they had cancelled his order. I don’t know how the call ahead scenario will work if they can’t even take orders face-to-face.”

Still other students are skeptical of the service and feel tentative about its potential for success.

Junior Alyssa Harford said that she hadn’t heard about it, but probably wouldn’t use it. “Getting it would be a pain in the butt,” she said.

And sophomore Alyssa Singer said, “They don’t really make it clear what they offer [for the call ahead service].”

Dubay has plans to make this program more well known around campus, including using the InsideJCU updates, student-texting promotions, and ads in The Carroll News. He also hopes that students will spread the word.

“Hopefully word of mouth [will be the best publicity] because sometimes that’s what works the best,” Dubay said.

“As soon as you call your order in, it’s like you’re the next person in line.”

Once this has proven to be a successful procedure, Dubay would like to expand this service to include a residence hall delivery feature. He hopes to have this in place by the end of spring or Easter break.

For the delivery service, the menu will probably be modified to include a larger pizza than the flatbreads that they currently sell, said Dubay.

Students interested in calling their orders in to the Inn Between can call 216-397-6293 between Sunday and Thursday from 8 p.m. until midnight.