Dining diversity

January 26th, 2012

JCU Dining has made several changes to the campus food services this semester. Efforts have been made to improve food quality and freshness while increasing the variety of options.

In Schott Dining Hall, a new bakery and dessert station has been added and an additional baker hired. This will increase the variety of desserts available throughout the day. The bakery will also make fresh pizza dough each day which improves the quality of the product.

The Inn Between has expanded its menu to include made-to-order salads and wraps. This not only gives students a larger variety of ordering options but hopefully will divert orders to different stations at the ‘Tween and hopefully decrease waiting times. A call-ahead ordering option has been added to additionally decrease waiting times for students.

Despite these efforts, students are still frustrated with the time it takes for an order to be completed. Additionally, prices have gone up at the Inn Between. These factors play a huge role in the number of students who will to take their business there, especially once their plus points run out.

The call ahead option should be more widely advertised as many students do not know of this possibility yet. To avoid price increases, efforts should be made to obtain new sources for ingredients.

Though great improvements have been made, the fundamental aspects of the dining service, like efficiency and cost need to be improved before JCU Dining adds anything else to its plate.