Alumna Bridget Fitzgerald

January 26th, 2012

Chicago-area alumnus Bill Burke may have said it best: “You can take alumni from 1957 through 2014 and they talk like they have known each other for years.”

Attending my first “12 Blue Streaks for Dinner” event in Chicago sponsored by the JCU Student Alumni Association was a true example of this. We walked into the meal as new faces and walked out with new friends.

The students in attendance realized the word “alumni” does not mean “old,” in fact it represents “new.” Current students included Alex Furth, Alyssa Singer, Joe Cahill, Billy O’Brien, Matthew Hoyt, Michael Hager, Michael Hulseman and Sean Hulseman. Alumni included Suzie Shoup, Bill Burke, Dick Murphy, me and the gracious hosts Paul and Patrice Hulseman.

Like these students, I am sure you have been reminded 100 times that your years in college will go by “so fast” and have heard the never ending stories of “In my day…”  It does not make the time fly any less fast, nor does it make the stories any less meaningful. My intent is to express to each student, of every class, that there is an instant connection when current and past John Carroll students meet, and those connections can be invaluable now and throughout life.

As a past Carroll News writer and admissions tour guide, I enjoyed interacting with current and potential students. I learned quickly from personal experience the real value of being a John Carroll alumna.  The idea of “Once a Blue Streak, always a Blue Streak” has opened many opportunities for me to meet and interact with extremely successful people. I was able to intern at NBC 5 Chicago and after that, with NBC’s “Today Show.” As a member of the JCU Chicago Alumni Chapter Leadership Committee, I now have the privilege of meeting incoming students and families, welcoming back current students and inviting all to partake in Chicago chapter events and programs.

Whether you are an athlete, serve in campus ministry or explored age-old myths of the John Carroll campus, alumni love to hear about your college experience now. This alumni column encourages students to be active in the Alumni Association, but I also hope to inspire you to begin that activity now. Alumni chapters exist and are being established in various cities across the country, including Cleveland.

Carroll alumni are currently searching for students to hire as interns at their respective companies. Countless alumni check in with the JCU website, or follow news on Facebook to learn of the many successes of today’s students. I invite you to familiarize yourself now with the many new faces of the John Carroll community. Your relationship with John Carroll truly does last a lifetime.