The power of goodbye

December 8th, 2011

God has blessed me with a lot in my life, but one thing I haven’t received enough of is closure. I loathe abrupt changes with little to no explanation. So, for the times that I haven’t received closure from those in my life, I want to make sure that in my final semester, in my final article, I allow myself to give positive closure as best I can.

I am writing this as a memory and as a thank you to everyone who helped make me who I am today during my time at John Carroll, despite where we are now; starting from the beginning.

Vinnie. This is hard writing to you after everything that’s happened, but I can’t deny that you’ve had an impact on me. Falling in love is the biggest leap anyone can take, and you showed me what it felt like, for the very first time, to feel that way. Though time heals all wounds, you never forget the person who first made you feel like you were the prettiest, smartest, most wonderful person in the world. So, for the time we had at Carroll, and the growth you’ve given me, I thank you and will always look back fondly on all of the good memories we shared.

As for you, Mr. Bond, our friendship has been amazing. You are my long lost brother who I oddly share many (weird) similarities with. I’ve even sometimes convinced myself we were separated at birth. I never thought the guy in my economics class freshman year, who I thought liked me and who I later found out thought I was a snobby “brat” (for editing purposes), would be a lifelong friend. Thank you so much for the all-nighters, several trips of emptying out vending machines in order to binge, and amazing laugh- until-we-cry times. You’ve shown me that blood doesn’t even come close to the bond we have.

Courtney, oh Courtney. You were by far the most enjoyable person to room with. I will not list all of the hysterical and wonderful times we’ve had in order to save you from embarrassment (just kidding, but not really). You have been such a wonderful friend, always excited to hear what stupid stories I had to tell you, or just there for a good laugh. Thank you for making my JCU experience so much better. “Twi-hard” fans for life.

Hannah, my little lemon. Though we had an almost two-year hiatus, I know God brought you back into my life at the perfect time, even before I knew why. You have strengthened me in so many ways and I cannot thank you enough. You are probably one of the best listeners I know (when you’re not texting) and are probably one of the most genuine people I know. Thank you for being my best friend, and if I ever become a writer, I’ll make sure your section is longer next time; I just know that I have you for life. I love you.

Of course, I have The Carroll News to thank; you all have been so much fun (“The Coon”), as well as Einstein’s and their amazing Caramel Café Blend (or Café Caramel Blend?). I still can’t get it right. Tour guides, you’re awesome, and we definitely have the best job on campus (along with The CN). And finally, to my professors, who have inspired me and prepared me to go into this world knowing who I am.

What I’ve learned in a nutshell: never hold grudges, forget the bad, and remember the good, because it’s more exciting to look back and smile. And never judge someone by what others say unless you’ve experienced getting to know them. You could be missing out on a great friendship.

So, I thank you John Carroll, and for all of you who make John Carroll what it is, because I have been impacted by so many, not just those named above. I am so grateful for my experience here, which in fact is not ending, but only beginning as I will start my career as an admissions counselor here in January, only steps away where I will have left as a tour guide.

This is my closure.