Students break the bond of trust

December 8th, 2011

There has been an increased problem with students destroying property in residence halls, particularly in Murphy and Hamlin Hall.

To this point, the culprits have not been identified. However, to prevent this from happening again, the University and students need to take action now.

Dormitories are supposed to be comfortable places for students to live and work on campus. With this vandalism taking place, the dorms are not the safe space that they are meant to be.

Every time something is broken or vandalized, it needs to be repaired and that is a costly consequence. When students destroy campus property, the money that could be used for improving the University, must instead be used to repair what has been damaged. The poor behavior of some students in the dorms is a waste of money for the JCU community.

Being the Jesuit University in Cleveland, students are held to a high standards, and have a responsibility to live up to those expectations. When campus property is damaged, this creates a poor reputation for the University and the student body as a whole.

To prevent future vandalism, Residence Life can implement deterrents. Security cameras can be placed in residence halls. Entire building fines can also be issued, but these are expensive and unfair to the respectful students who do not cause trouble on campus.

To prevent these drastic actions from being taken, the culprit(s) who have caused these problems should own up to their actions. Residents should not tolerate these actions from fellow students. If some have any information about this destruction, they should speak up in order to be fair to fellow students. Preventing vandalism will make residence halls better places to live.