John Carroll students share their New Year’s resolutions

December 8th, 2011

It’s almost that time of the year again where people make promises to themselves that they rarely keep: New Year’s resolutions. With the movie “New Years Eve,” starring Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert De Niro and Halle Berry, coming out this holiday season, The Carroll News asked JCU students what their resolutions are. Email your New Years resolution to or drop it off at The Carroll News office. The best resolution will receive a small promotions package including a T-shirt and other various items. Contest ends on Friday, Dec. 9 at 11 a.m.

The Carroll News Staff:


Sports Editor Zach Mentz:

To be more like

Bob Seeholzer.

Editor in Chief Emily Gaffney:

To not sweat the small stuff.

Campus Editor Dan Cooney:

To be more organized.

Diversions Editor Ben DeVictor:

Be more like “The Cooooon.”

Managing Editor Jenn Holton:

To go tanning for 12 minutes every day.

Arts & Life Editor Claire Olderman:

To find a positive in

everything that happens.

Photo Editor Taylor Horen:

I want to learn patience.

Campus Editor Brian Bayer:

To live with gratitude,

humility and love.

Editorial & Op/Ed Editor Kaitlin Gill:

To go with the flow

Editorial & Op/Ed Editor  Nick Wojtasik:

To live a more rounded life.

World News Editor Mike Reiser:

To be the Republican


Business Manager Gloria Suma:

To procrastinate less.


Freshman David Brill:

To get jacked in Corbo.


Sophomore Joel Baker:

To lose 25 pounds.

Alumnus J.J. Kuczynski:

Seek to learn something unique about someone on a daily basis.


Sophomore Mike Moccia:

To quit smoking.

Senior Brian Pestotnik:

To find a real job.

Sophomore Chris Thomas:

To skip class less.

Senior Maria Westcott:

To attend church more often.

Freshman Drew Kostiuk:

To work out every single day and maintain my G.P.A.

Rec. Desk Supervisor Vern Hall: To stay healthy and be


Junior Sarah  Sciviat:

To be more compassionate towards others.

Junior Rich Mazzola:

To live in the moment with friends and family. Develop a strut.

Senior Mark Ehrbar:

To become a vegetarian.

Sophomore Matt Burke:

Have a better year than 2011.


Freshman Meghan Ellrich:

Go to the gym twice a week.

Junior Ben Rossi: To gain 5 pounds.


Sophomore Bence Toth:

To become a better-known DJ on campus.

Sophomore Luke Walkow:

Go to the library more often.