A gingerbread dream

December 8th, 2011

Last night, as I was nestled all snug in my bed,

visions of sugarplums danced in my head.


My dreams just went wild as I continued to snooze,

so I wrote them all down in this tabloid of news.


Less than three weeks ‘til Christmas, I realized with joy.

This thought made me as giddy as when I was a boy.



Like a lad, I couldn’t wait for the presents I’d find.

But then a new thought stormed my gingerbread mind.


What about the people who don’t get these treasures?

How is their Christmas still filled with such pleasure?


They go to bed knowing no Santa will come,

as they close their young eyes in their impoverished slum.


Then I remembered Through the Eyes of a Child –

the kids were so happy and everyone smiled.


Like the Grinch, I was moved, and my heart grew three sizes.

Their appreciation for life knew no cruel compromises.


More than half of them live with no food in their tummy,

but still they all giggle, and nobody’s bummy.


I awoke from my dream and just lied there in bed.

The sugarplums no longer danced in my head.


But a vision was there that now has defined me;

so if you’re a Blue Streak then rally behind me.


Go make someone smile, it’s no magic trick.

If you give them this gift then you’ll be their St. Nick.


The world isn’t fair, but we all play a part.

So get in the spirit and open your heart.


The truth is we don’t have to be Santa Claus,

if we want to crusade for a worthwhile cause.


Give a wink or a kiss or a sweatered embrace.

Open your arms, and light up someone’s face.

Share cocoa and laughter and genuine love.

Thank God for your blessings that are sent from above.


Be like Buddy, the Elf (played by Will Ferrell)

and bring Christmas here, to your home at John Carroll.


There are people who need you, but you need people too.

So act with intention, be honest,

Give yourself fully to people in pain;

compassion’s your sleigh, now you must take the reigns.


When the snowflakes all fall and the temperature’s zero,

Reach out to the shivering, be their candy cane hero.


I implore you to act in the Jesuit style –

be people for others, make the downtrodden smile.


This is the truth, it’s simple, just trust us:

If you want peace in the world, then you must work for justice.