JCU students disrupt UH residents

November 17th, 2011

This semester, John Carroll has received an increasing number of complaints from University Heights residents about the misbehavior of  JCU students in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Incidents of vandalism, trespassing and other inappropriate actions have been reported.

The damage done is not excusable in any circumstances. The students who did these acts have put the entire JCU student body and administration in a bad light.

The University and University Heights haven’t had a very cooperative past. When JCU asks the City for permission to change something, it is well known that UH and its residents have been resistant. These actions by students only set back the improved relationship between JCU and the residents of University Heights.

Students should live social lives and enjoy the breaks they have from their stressful workweeks. However, this can and should be done with complete consciousness of how their actions affect the UH community and the reprocussions for these actions. JCU students should be living examples of the University values.

Any students caught performing these acts should be punished accordingly. We ask that the resident’s of University Heights understand that those who committed these acts represent a very small percentage of the student body.

It is our hope that this will only be a minor speedbump in the continued efforts by JCU and University Heights to improve the relationship between the City and its namesake.