Carroll Blvd: A turn for the worst

November 17th, 2011

There have been complaints from the JCU community about the law which makes turning right onto Carroll Boulevard from South Belvoir Boulevard illegal. This law was implemented because residents of Carroll Boulevard did not want students driving down the street.

This law, though it has been in effect for approximately two decades should not be as significant of a concern as it has been.

Residents of Carroll Boulevard live alongside a university, so through traffic from the JCU community should be expected.

It reflects poorly on the University when someone that is coming here for the purpose of putting on a program or bringing prospective students to take a tour of the campus is hit with a $200 ticket for trying to maneuver the best way to enter campus.

University Heights police should be less concerned with through traffic on the JCU side street, and more concerned with a larger safety issue: since this law has been imposed, instead of turning right down Carroll Boulevard, members of the JCU community drive down South Belvoir, make a legal U-turn and come back toward the University, which seems like more of a traffic and safety concern for University Heights to worry about.

However, the large sign stating this law is strictly enforced from “7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday” is posted on a utility pole for drivers to see before making a right-hand turn down Carroll Boulevard, so those driving around JCU have no reason not to be aware of the law.

With this law comes justified complaints because residents should expect traffic from the University community. Hitting students, faculty, prospective students and others who are involved with JCU in one way or another, with a $200 citation makes it difficult to enter campus, and there are larger safety issues at hand calling for more concern from police personnel than enforcing this particular law.