Time to cheat time

November 10th, 2011

Time is a funny thing. I can never seem to get a handle on it. Looking at it from an objective standpoint there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, seven days a week, and about 52 weeks in the year. Even though it seems so finite I still find myself asking where does all of the time go? The hours of the day, and even the days of the week have been flying by lately, which is scary because I’m starting to sound like my father when I say that.

I was prompted to think about time because of the recent shift in hour, Daylight Savings Time. Last Saturday, I along with many others rejoiced in the fact that I would have one more hour to the day. With this hour I could look forward to more sleep, more time to spend with my friends, even more time to accomplish homework; the choice was mine. It being Saturday night I decided to spend this hour with my friends. As I sat in my room talking with them it was a somewhat liberating feeling to know that although the clock read 11 pm it was really 10 pm. The night was young.  There was a freedom and an ease to the conversation because we knew we had an extra hour that night.

I know some people complain about there not being enough time in the day, and I admit it, I am one of those offenders. The 24 hours in a day never seem to be enough for me. Not enough time for me to complete all of my assignments for class, attend my meetings, work, eat full meals, exercise, spend time with friends, and even sleep. I always seem to be saying to myself, “If I just had one more hour in the day…” Well last weekend I was awarded that gift, and for the first time in my life I realized it Daylight Savings Time is the one 25-hour day of the year. What’s funny though is that I really didn’t do anything different because of that extra hour. I still stayed up late with friends and had fun. So although I pine away for that 25th hour of the day all the time, it’s important for me to remember it wouldn’t change any of my poor time management skills.

The only thing that really changed for me was my peace of mind. I was in a good mood because I knew that in a way all of my friends and I were cheating time. I now have an understanding why some people always have their clocks set to either five or 10 minutes fast. They are reveling in the fact that in a way they are cheating time. Now this little gift doesn’t happen all of the time. In only happens in times of stress or panic, or forgetfulness. They may look at the clock and think that they are running late or they won’t get a certain task finished. But then they remember in a split second, that they actually have more time. They have a few extra minutes to complete some work, enjoy someone’s company, or even sleep.

I never could comprehend why anyone would set their clocks to a time other than the present hour. I’m not a huge fan of math and the constant mental subtraction of figuring the exact time irritates me. If not all of the time pieces were the same time how do you know which one is right? But after realizing the beauty of daylight savings time I kind of get it. I like the idea of cheating time.