The third time is the charm with Harold and Kumar

November 10th, 2011

Harold and Kumar are back and better than ever in their third movie of the Harold and Kumar series. John Cho and Kal Penn deliver another “stoner classic,” only this time it’ll be Christmas style and 3D.

Taking place six years after the last movie ended, Harold and Kumar have moved on from each other to find new friends, new jobs and duller lives.

Harold has done very well for himself, marrying the stunning Maria from the previous films, while Kumar finds himself left without the love of his life, Vanessa, who was last seen in “Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay.”

The journey begins with a mysterious present left outside of Kumar’s apartment on Christmas Eve that is addressed to Harold. Kumar, still smoking his life away, drives to Harold’s house to drop off the package and seemingly ruins Christmas within moments of being reunited with his old partner in crime.

Before Maria and her family get back from Midnight Mass at 2 a.m., the boys set out in search of the perfect Christmas tree after Kumar burns down the tree of Harold’s father-in-law.

As the two set out on a voyage to save Christmas, trouble naturally finds its way into their lives.

Accidental use of hard drugs at a Christmas party leads the crew to even more danger, as they are now in trouble with a mob boss for a misunderstanding with his daughter. On the run from being murdered, Roldie—as he is formerly known—and Kumar come across a couple of old friends, including the infamous and presumed dead Neil Patrick Harris.

Harris, as always, plays a sick and vulgar man who plugs in a few good jokes about “How I Met Your Mother” (the CBS show in which he stars), as well as his sexual orientation, while he also hints at a fourth movie for the series. His return to the movie is a great scene and more than lived up to expectations.

With the film set around Christmas time, movies such as “A Christmas Story” are referenced and used to foreshadow events later in the film. This was a great attribute and was used as classically as “Stay Puffed Marshmallows” in “Ghost Busters.”

Granted, this is not a Christmas movie you want to bring your younger sibling or child to see.

There is no shortage of sex and drugs throughout the movie, the Harold and Kumar go-to themes, and jokes about religion are prominent as well.

As the duo comes to the end of the night, Santa Claus appears in a gory fashion and brings them together. Yes, even Santa is subjected to the scandal of Harold and Kumar. However, he ends up coming to the rescue in an unexpected way.

Although the 3D theme may seem a little overplayed, Harold and Kumar plug in little punches against it and it makes the film just that much better.

As you would expect from these two, the 3D effects include blowing smoke into the audience and throwing eggs that all add to the viewing experience.

4/5 Bolts