Parrothead wisdom

November 10th, 2011

A wise man named Jimmy Buffett once said, “When life gives you limes, make margaritas.” This is better than the original saying because let’s face it, limes are much better than lemons and margaritas are much better than lemonade.

Here’s the thing; college is a time when your life is always changing. Plans fall through, you change your mind about things, goals change and some relationships grow while others fall apart. But, this is OK.

I wasn’t OK with these changes  at first, but I’m now learning to accept them.

I’ve learned to accept that when other people are involved in your plans, those plans are going to change because peoples’ schedules are constantly changing just like mine are. I’m learning not to get my heart set on any plans until they actually happen. But this is difficult for me because I have a tendency to get my heart set on things, which at times, ends with feelings of disappointment.

My goals have changed quite a few times since I began my college career at JCU. I’ve had many different academic and social interests I’ve considered pursuing after school. While I’m sure this was annoying for my family and friends to have to try and keep up with my changing interests, it has been exciting for me to find what I most want to do.

I change my mind frequently, which can be stressful at times, but I am trying to accept it as more adventurous than strenuous. One day I want to be a vegetarian, and the next I want a cheeseburger. One day I want to live in an apartment,  and the next I want to live in a dorm. One day I can never picture myself in a sorority, and the next I am a new member of Gamma Phi Beta. I’m trying to look it as being less indecisive, and more as opportunistic.

I’ve had friendships fall apart and others grow. I’ve learned who I can count on when I need a good friend, and I know who will take advantage of me. What I have found hurts the most is when long-time friendships fall apart. Friends make other friends and they make choices that you don’t necessarily agree with. People change and this is a fact we need to face at this point in our lives. Sometimes we realize that trying to keep up a friendship is more work than it is worth and people no longer value a friendship as you do.

Though it hurts to realize a friendship has come to a close, I am learning that there are so many friendships blossoming in my life.

While things are always changing, and much of the time it hurts, I try to remember the aspects of my life that are constant.

While plans are going to change, it will always turn out the way it is supposed to happen. When my goals change, it is because I have discovered something new and positive, and new and positive things can always be found in the fine print of my life.

When I change my mind, even if on a whim or a sudden impulse, it is because I am learning to be more adventurous. I am learning to take risks and make choices and be more independent. Learning to make choices, whether big or small, will always be a factor of my life.

It’s important to remember that relationships are always going to change, sometimes crumble, but there will always be opportunity for other relationships to grow.

I will always have loved ones who I can turn to. I know that these people will love and accept me with open arms just as I do with them.

Hold on to these people. Don’t let them go. I am realizing that they are the most important constants in my life. The other constants are reliable, but not tangible.

I most value the people who support me when life hands me limes. I owe that to them. They’ve taught me to make a pretty mean margarita.