Resident assistants assist in upsetting students

October 27th, 2011


This semester, students have voiced concerns that resident assistants have been writing people up more frequently than in the past. According to the Office of Residence Life, the number of write-ups has actually decreased this year.

There have been instances where students thought RAs were being unnecessarily strict with their write-ups and punishments. Some suspect that RAs have been instructed to crack down more severely on students. Residence Life has ensured that there have been no major policy changes or new instructions implemented this year.

It is the job of resident assistants to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for students in residence halls. If students are written up, they need to understand that there was an evident violation of conduct. If a rule is broken, there is just cause for discipline. Students need to be aware of the campus regulations and face the consequences if they are broken.

Though the statistics show write-ups have gone down, perception is often reality. That cliche is no less true for John Carroll students. Residence Life should take further effort to educate students about the code of conduct. If there is an issue over a write-up, the complaints should be discussed between the students and Residence Life so an understanding can be reached.