Actions speak as loud as words

October 27th, 2011

There are many great organizations at John Carroll. I am involved in various groups on campus and I feel that many of the other groups are beneficial as well. There is one organization in particular, however, that could use improvement and  doesn’t always seem to present the University with a positive reputation.

I, along with others at JCU, have noticed a problem with Residence Life at the University. The organization of resident assistants has a lot of room for positive changes to be made. Not all of the RAs are irresponsible, rude and inconsiderate, but on various occasions, some have proven to be this way.

The first issue with the RAs I would like to point out is the lack of responsibility that some convey. Some of the RAs frequently party and drink irresponsibly. The way I feel is, if a student assumes a leadership position in which they are to be models and examples for other students, they give up the option to have a life of irresponsible college partying.

Some of them partake in these activities, yet they write-up students in the dorms for doing the same things. If you’re not going to be responsible in the way that you ought to be, than at least don’t act hypocritical.

Another issue I would like to point out is that some of the RAs walk around with a sense of entitlement. They act as if they are above other students, and while they hold a different position than many students on campus, they are in no way more important than others.

This attitude is neither welcoming nor appreciated by fellow students, and it only makes those who act this way appear arrogant and unfriendly.

In Residence Life’s defense, this attitude– where somebody in a leadership position let’s their authority go to their head, can happen within any organization, but I have noticed it with some of the RAs on campus.

It can happen with any person who has a leadership position, but an RA should be a person who students can count on and use as a resource when necessary, rather than somebody who appears to feel entitled.

In one instance, there was a complaint to a person of authority within the Residence Life organization about an RA being too persistently flirtatious, and the RA’s behavior was defended. The issue was simply brushed off as if it wasn’t a problem at all.

In my opinion this is unacceptable and doesn’t make me feel proud to be a Blue Streak. There’s no room for this at JCU.

Things like this ought to be addressed within an organization at a school as presigious as John Carroll. If a student makes another student uncomfortable in any way, that issue needs to be handled and taken seriously.

Problems of disrespect and disregard for other students would not be tolerated in other aspects of campus life at JCU, so there should be no exception for any particular organiztion.

These problems are ones that ought to be addressed because the resident assistants, as well as Residence Life as an organization, should be held to a higher standard.

All of the RAs should be student leaders whom other students can approach, not scorn. If some of them aren’t going to act with the professionalism and respect that is required for the position, then they shouldn’t have such a role on campus.

If RAs aren’t held to a higher standard, than students are going to be deterred from living in the dorms, and that isn’t supportive to students or the University.