Chalk up another one for the administration

October 27th, 2011

A student forum was held by Student Union to discuss inclusiveness and diversity on campus.

Throughout the semester, there have been several cases of unapproved postings and chalk drawings with strong messages about discrimination and social activism on campus.

The messages of the chalk drawings and posters called for action against racial and ethnic intolerance and encouraged getting informed about social issues like these.

Public advertisement is an affective method of raising awareness and increasing action. It reaches out to members of the campus community that would not attend forums on diversity.

Since these are such fundamental values of the University, those who wish to voice their opinions and raise campus activity should not hesitate to come forward to the Office of Student Activities and get approval to express their thoughts. This makes sure that posts or chalkings do not mislead or offend anyone and that a message of tolerance is clearly given.

Acceptance of diversity and positive social action are at the foundation of JCU’s mission. A collective effort is required from all in the campus community to make sure John Carroll is a welcoming place of opportunity for all.

To eliminate intolerance on campus, cooperation from students, campus organizations and committees is absolutely necessary. The more people involved, the more effective the movement will be. Those who try to tackle the problem alone are being ineffective and wasting valuable energy of the administration that could be spent solving the problems affecting the betterment of the campus community.