New lights brighten the future of campus safety

October 13th, 2011

This summer, a housing consulting group advised the installment of additional campus lighting.

The need for more lighting has been identified repeatedly by students. While walking to and from various campus activities and locations at night, students felt unsafe with the level of darkness they had to walk through. Some of the lights that are in place flicker and do not offer consistent lighting.

The installation of these new lights will happen before the end of the semester. However, these new lights are long overdue. More effort should be made by the facilities department to put these lights in place sooner. With every passing day more and more students are facing risks when they walk on campus at night. It should be the priority of the University to get these lights installed immediately.

Even though John Carroll is not in a dangerous neighborhood, the possibility of campus crime still exists. Crimes have happened on campus at night before and could happen again. The placement of more working lights on campus can decrease these risks.

Safety should be the number one priority of the University. The amount of time that has passed before the installment of more lights does not show JCU’s priorities in a good light. Students are tired of walking in fear!