Strategy is a necessity

October 6th, 2011

I am a very strategic person. I function with schedules, and I don’t function well without them.

Every day when I wake up, I schedule my day hour by hour on a white board. This is partially because I am obsessive about organizing, and partially because I am so busy with different things that I need to organize my day in order so I can remember to do everything.

Pretty much everything in my life is scheduled. I schedule when it’s time to do homework, to eat, to workout and even when it’s time to sleep.

In addition to scheduling my day hour by hour, I schedule everything I need to do in order of priority.

I decided to do this because I tend to feel anxious at the end of the day when I haven’t completed all of the tasks I wanted to accomplish.

I feel anxious that when I don’t get everything done that needs to be, those unaccomplished things just get added to my to-do list for the next day, and that means most likely, something the next day won’t end up getting completed.

If I prioritize the things I need to do for the day, I can go to sleep at night a little less anxious because I know I at least have accomplished top priorities.

I haven’t always been this obsessive about scheduling. I’ve always performed at my best when I have multiple things going on in my life, but before now, I haven’t had as much on my plate that required so much of my time.

At first I began to stress about getting everything done each day that needs to be (and it’s definitely a lot to do) and I worried that I would forget to do something. Now with my scheduling and prioritizing I am just trying to reduce as much stress as humanly possible.

I’m not a perfectionist, I just need everything to be done exactly the way it should be done.

But really though, sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a perfectionist so I wouldn’t be as high-strung about things. It’s just my personality that I need to know plans ahead of time. I don’t like anything in my life to be last minute, because that’s how I become stressed.

This can make being in college difficult. Not everyone I associate with is as prepared and plans ahead like I do, so plans often change last minute. Much of the time I attribute this to unorganization.

However, this is a learning experience for me. Learning to deal with this and adjust to this at this time in my life will help me to be able to better react to it when it happens after school in my career.

And with still a year and a half of school to go, I figure I’ll have plenty more practice (I’m sure more than I’d like) dealing with this before I reach my life in the career world.

I adore spontaneity, providing it is carefully planned.

I admire those people who have such a go-with-the-flow attitude. I wish I could embrace spontaneity and I’ve tried, but failed. I just need things to be scheduled and strategic.

I think this is why I tend to apply for and/or volunteer for leadership positions in the organizations I’m involved with. I like to make sure things are planned out and organized and I don’t like the feeling of having to depend on another person to make sure that things in my life run smoothly.

It’s not necessarily that I don’t trust other people to do things right (though in certain situations this is true), it’s more that I know if I assume a responsibility, I will do it efficiently and effectively because I don’t want to be stressed when plans change at the last minute.

Call me obsessive or compulsive, but I just consider my habits to be healthily strategic.