Long lines trigger short tempers

October 6th, 2011

Lately there have been many complaints from JCU students regarding the long lines in the Inn Between and the long wait for food orders. The Inn Between serves a variety of fresh and ready-made food and drinks after the dining hall closes.

The University needs to improve the situation in order to better accommodate students. An increase in customers will naturally cause lines to be longer and the workers to be busier.

The dining service has hired more workers and worked to streamline the system to accommodate the increase in guests. Despite these actions, the long waits still exist. Clearly more needs to be done to fix this.

JCU students are busy and they like the convenience of the Inn Between, but waiting for 20 minutes isn’t very convenient.

More workers should be hired for each station. Since the more streamlined way of ordering hasn’t been efficient, a more efficient way of making the food needs to be found.

If the Inn Between expects to be successful on this campus it should be prepared to take whatever measures necessary to ensure the happiness of its customers. If they don’t it won’t be long before the Inn Between is out of business.