Empty positions in JCU student government

September 29th, 2011

JCU student government lost five Senators and two executive members due to schedule conflicts, other extra-curricular opportunities and the fact that certain members felt an uncertainty as to the Student Union’s purpose at the University.

It is important for students to hold academics to a high regard and fulfill credits for majors and minors, so it is understandable for class schedule conflicts to interfere with activities outside of class. It is also understandable for members to step down due to job opportunities outside JCU.

However, students who run for office should  be aware of the commitment it takes to be in student government before they commit.

If government members disagree with how Student Union is operating, they shouldn’t quit! That shows cowardice and that they are unworthy of holding a government position. We need leaders who will stand up and fight to make the University better. If something is wrong it should be fixed, not abandoned.

College is a busy time for all of us. If someone can’t handle the commitment or they aren’t willing to work through the obstacles of student government, they shouldn’t waste anyone’s time by running for a position. Leave the opportunity open for someone who cares about changing this University for the better.