Money well spent

September 22nd, 2011

For me, column brainstorming relies heavily on browsing news headlines to spark an idea, or remembering what things had angered me in the past week. Well, nothing that angered me was worth writing, and the most interesting headline I read was a report on the unfortunate death of the late Ted Kennedy’s daughter, Kara Kennedy. I was all ready to fill 500 words worth of space educating readers on the Kennedy curse when I went to check my mailbox, only to see what many women refer to as their “fashion Bible.” It’s my passion for magazines and writing that makes that single day out of every month exponentially better when I see my Vogue magazine waiting in my mailbox. I’m pretty certain that I exude the same level of excitement as a 5-year-old opening his first pack of Pokémon cards. Besides the cover story featuring actress Michelle Williams posed as Marilyn Monroe, another story entitled “Fashion’s Smartest Investments” caught my attention. In my opinion, paying a larger amount of money for a fashion staple is a good mentality to have, as long as you (not your parent’s credit card) can handle the bill. So upon seeing the word’s “investment pieces” on the October issue’s cover, I was excited to turn to the page that would steer my wallet in the right direction.

After reading, had I listened to the editors of Vogue, my wallet would have crashed and burned. Hard. I’d envisioned basics; the editors went with runway. Sorry, but iconic white fur coats and traditional forties tea dresses with exotic prints are not items I would ever wish to invest my “hard-earned” babysitting money in. If you’re still wondering what pieces to invest in for this fall season and many more to come, read on!

1. A jean jacket: Many women believe the classic jacket that Gap ads made a staple was meant solely for children and tweens, but the piece has always been under the radar as a effortlessly fashionable look. Choosing a darker wash allows you to dress it up or down so that you get the most wear.

2. The quilted sweatshirt: The sweatshirt that reminds me of a Chanel bag. It’s a nice change for the typical crew-neck sweatshirt look, and right now J.Crew is selling them for $72.

3. The rust-colored accessory: Rusty-tones are what comes to mind for many when thinking of fall. Whether it’s leggings, flats, a headband or a scarf, adding an item of this color to your wardrobe gives it a pop of fall color.

4. Riding boots: These weren’t intended for those only taking equestrian lessons. I bought my pair last fall and wore them at least five times a week. An extra point of advice: Find a pair that has both black and brown colors. It makes the boots more versatile so you’ll really be getting your moneys worth.

5. A black blazer: The interviewee’s go-to look, however, not always for business settings. Pair it with a striking necklace, high-waisted shorts and heels for a night out.