Cable conundrums

September 22nd, 2011

Beginning this semester, there was a campus-wide switch to digital television. Though the number of channels and their quality has increased, there have been a fair share of problems with the new system.

The University’s cable TV equipment manufacturer, R.L. Drake, upgraded their equipment over the summer to be able to access new standards.

The audio and video don’t work sometimes. Then, just when you get to know the channels, they added a decimal point. So, not only can you not find your favorite programs, but you can’t hear them or view them clearly either.

These problems have inconvenienced viewers of television across campus. There was obviously a lot of planning that went into the installation of a new system. It is therefore expected that the digital cable would perform well from the start. The system should have been tested and the trouble spotted two months ago.

The advanced TV system can be appreciated by everyone on campus. But, the problems should have been foreseen, and it should not take so long to fix them. If such an effort was put into installing the new system, at least as much of an effort should be put into fixing it in a timely manner.