The Michelle Bachmann Show

September 15th, 2011

You hear every so often of celebrities taking a foray into politics, like the rumblings of Donald Trump running for president or Stephen Colbert running for Congress. But rarely do you see it go the other way.

When I saw that Rod Blagojevich and Sarah Palin’s respective forays into reality television in the past couple of years, I thought it was an anomaly that would never be seen again. But then I started following Michelle Bachmann’s bid for the Republican bid for the presidency.

Bachmann’s campaign for the nomination has become a reality show. At least it has become that way for me. And it seems she would have it no other way.

Tuesday, Bachmann told Fox News Channel that the HPV vaccine that Rick Perry pushed as a mandate for young girls in Texas causes mental retardation, claiming a woman told her that her daughter suffered from it after getting the vaccine. All the while, Bachmann claimed she had no scientific proof, and that she “was not a doctor.”

While trying to expose what seems to be the front runner for the candidacy of her party to have left-leaning ideals although it would take a miracle for her to win the candidacy, she has successfully made herself a star in the media. Could it have been her plan all along? Why is a candidate that has said something as ridiculous as this be regarded as a serious contender for the nomination?

So this leads to ask why she would try to sabotage Perry. One option is that she is acting out of pure spite, which is most likely not the case. Secondly, she may have some conspiracy-like agreement with Romney to get him elected, and thereby receive a Secretary of State-esque position. This just seems like a bad side-plot to “The West Wing,” and also isn’t very plausible.

What I believe she is doing is simply basking in the spotlight. Any publicity is good publicity for Bachmann, but it isn’t necessarily for her hopes to win the nomination. She is creating her own reality TV show, and she’s the star.

This isn’t the first we’ve seen of “The Michelle Bachmann Show,” though. It has been running for years. Past episodes include her claiming in 2009 that “there isn’t even one study of carbon dioxide being a harmful gas.”

Or more recently this summer when she told people from her home town of Waterloo, Iowa, that she was had the same attitude of fellow-Waterloo native cowboy actor John Wayne. Turns out she was two-thirds correct on that point. She got the “John” and the “Wayne” part right, but was missing the “Gacy.” The infamous serial killer lived in Waterloo before committing his gruesome crimes in Chicago.

It just goes to show, I guess, what we accept as a legitimate candidate for the presidency of the United States. Has our thirst for drama spilled into our thirst for politics? Sure it has. Look at the publicity Monica Lewinsky received after the Clinton scandal.

The difference – she wasn’t running for the presidency.