Say ‘Yes To’ these new products

September 15th, 2011

Less than five years ago, the organic Yes To brand opened with natural skin and hair care products created from fruits and vegetables.

Today, the brand consists of four products: Yes To Carrots, Cucumbers, Blueberries and Tomatoes.

Cosmopolitan magazine recently covered the Yes To Tomato product. Self, O, Lucky and Natural Health, among others have also given the company attention.

The tomato product is specifically designed for clearing combination and acne-prone skin.

According to the website,, the tomatoes work to “treat and prevent breakouts with salicylic acid and witch hazel.”

The line consists of reasonably priced daily pore scrubs, cleaning facial pads, daily clarifying cleansers, balancing moisturizers and facial masks. There is also the choice of a facial starter kit and an acne regimen bundle pack.

The Yes To Tomatoes line works best for those with a “shiny or oily t-zone, more frequent breakouts” and an overall oily appearance.

The brand finds the products beneficial because they “encourage a balanced, clearer complexion, absorbs excess surface oils, and adds moisture to dry areas without clogging.”

John Carroll students are into the idea of an organic brand on the market.

“It’s pretty amazing how quickly people are taking a spin on the going green route. This is another great way of going green and being part of a program who gives back to their community,” said senior Hannah Kim.

Aside from helping improve skin; Yes To is helping children as well.

The Yes To company donates a portion of every purchase to the Yes To Seeds fund, a fund that encourages giving children a view on “connecting with Mother Nature and living healthier lifestyles.”

“I like the idea of my purchase helping someone else besides me. It adds an extra benefit to buying it,” said junior Christine Lichtinger.