One McHeights, with a side of Lansdale

September 15th, 2011

“I’m lovin’ it,” said senior Tuanchai Whitted of the new McDonald’s scheduled to begin construction Wednesday in University Heights between residential streets Bushnell and Lansdale. “There is not a variety of restaurants for students to eat at in this area and I’m really looking forward to it,” said Whitted.

Graduate student Thessalonian Thompson is also optimistic about the new McDonald’s.

“I am from Ohio State where there were so many different food places to choose from, coming here was a huge adjustment, it’s a good thing,” Thompson said.

While Whitted and Thompson are concerned with the convenience of accessible fast food, graduate student Brittney Johnson feels that the new McDonald’s could plague the community with unhealthy eating habits.

“We already have a Burger King,” said Johnson. “Obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are on the rise, I feel like the space could’ve been used for another alternative besides fast food,” she said.

UH resident Donella Edwards is also not a fan of the new food restaurant and the increased traffic that it will attract. “I have grandchildren that play in that area, I’m really concerned for their safety,” she said. Long time UH residents Lorrine and Aaron Carter are excited about the new McDonald’s. “We feel it will bring revenue, more opportunities and business to this city, teenagers in this area will have more employment opportunities,” they said.

Despite the public opinions, City Council voted in May to approve a recommendation from the Planning Commission to OK the site for construction explained Building Commissioner David Menn. Menn will work continually to ensure that the new facility is up to code and meeting the city’s expectations.  “I will be hands on during the construction to make sure that everything runs smoothly,” he said. “So far things have gone as planned and everything is on schedule,” said Menn.

Menn explained that McDonald’s has a building schedule they plan to execute within 100 days. The McDonald’s will be located on the west side of Warrensville Center Road at 2224 Warrensville Center Rd.

“It should be open and ready to go by the holidays,” he said.

UH Mayor Susan Infeld is excited about the new location and the new possibilities it will bring to the city. “This new McDonald’s will introduce an attractive building to an area that’s not so attractive right now,” she said. “It will be a nice getaway for students, the new restaurant will have Wi-Fi so we know that students will enjoy it,” she explained.

Infeld is also optimistic about the effect the new restaurant will have on the city. “I am thrilled that we’ll have a thriving business in the area and I look forward to its success,” she said.