The age of stupidity

September 8th, 2011

The more time I spend in college, the more I am realizing that far too often college-age students make stupid decisions.

College seems to be the age of stupidity for many people and it’s rather frustrating. Some may refer to it as stupidity while others may blame it on immaturity—either way, poor decision-making is involved.

Let’s talk about some of these common unfortunate life choices. First one: irresponsible drinking. I don’t understand the fun in drinking until you can’t stand on your own, or you end up doing regrettable things. Why would anyone want to be seen like this? Just as a side note, being hammered doesn’t make you look cool, it makes you look like an idiot.

However, if partying like this happens to be your prerogative, please do not drive while under the influence. This is the absolute worst decision you can make, no matter what age you are although it seems to happen quite often in a college setting. If you can spend so much time getting dressed and ready to go out, you can take some time to figure out how to get home safely.

Another poor life choice I see in college-age students is their appearances. Some girls dress in such a provocative way because they want to feel like they look good and they want people to be attracted to them. Well ladies, I have news for you—it doesn’t look good when you dress like that and you are most likely attracting people for the wrong reasons.

Some guys dress like slobs because they are either too lazy to put some nice clothes on in the morning or they don’t want people to think they care about how they dress. What they don’t consider is, with this appearance, nobody will take them seriously. If you look like you don’t care, people who see you will assume you don’t care to be taken seriously.

A third stupid choice that college students make is skipping class because you just don’t feel like going.

If your parents are paying tuition, skipping class is wasting the money they’re spending and wasting the opportunity you’ve been given to go to college, which is a rather rare opportunity in the world. If you’re paying tuition, you’re wasting your own money, which seems even more stupid to do.

If you choose to go out on a Thursday night but you have an 8 a.m. class Friday morning, maybe you should rethink how your Thursday night is spent—let’s be realistic, more often than not, you’ll either miss class the next morning or sleep through it. Either way, you’re not getting any smarter.

By no means do these scenarios apply to every college student around. I just want to point out that they happen too often. For those students who cannot relate their lives to any of the situations mentioned above, I commend you. It’s refreshing to know that some college-age students contest the reputation the crazier ones have created for our age as a whole.

I want the stereotypical bad reputation of being college students to be replaced with the concept that not all people our age drink, go out and make irresponsible decisions. I want other people to know how responsible, motivated and goal-oriented we can be.

So, my message to all college students—man up.

Don’t drink too much, definitely don’t drive under the influence, appear like you want to be viewed as an intellectual, and go to class because it’s cool to be smart.

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