Target makes designer fashion affordable

September 8th, 2011

Do you ever flip through magazines wishing you could afford the designer clothes on the page with a college budget?

Target is helping to make that dream become a reality. On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the store will be releasing their new line, Missoni by Target, to the public.

In the past, Target has collaborated with other fashion houses and designers, including Mulberry, Rodarte, and Zac Posen to provide affordable designer looks.

However, the Missoni collection will be the largest one that Target has offered so far.

Missoni is an Italian-based fashion company that has been in business since 1953.

The line is famous for their use of knitwear, as well as the preference for geometrical stripes and big floral prints.

Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Cate Blanchett and Rachel Zoe are fans of the collection, and those who enjoy a jet-set life have particularly loved the line over the years.

The line that Missoni has created for Target is a staggering 400-piece collection, with clothes for men, women, girls and babies, as well as dishware, bedding, luggage, and a four-piece sectional.

The prices of products range from $2.99 to $599.99, with most of the items averaging less than $40, according to the Target website.

The inspiration for the clothing of this collection is based on the 60s Italian aesthetic, focusing on bold prints and colors.

There is also an emphasis on sweaters, dresses and skirts. While there is men’s clothing, the quantity is small, and includes sweaters and ties.

The colors of the collection are diverse, with patterns focusing on blues, blacks, purples and corals. Designer label lovers will enjoy the handbags, headscarves, and other accessories. The line even includes rain boots, an early buy for the spring season.

Sophomore Gina Torek is excited for the line.

“I admire designers who can make these collections for frugal shoppers, so everyone can be apart of high end design.” However, some of the male students are wishing for more variety for the men’s clothing.

“From the selection that is available for men, I am unable to fully appreciate and select from the same variety that the women are able to,” said senior Enzo Miceli.

The Missoni line for Target is available Sept. 13 through Oct. 22, and depending on availability, some pieces from the collection will be extended until early December on