Too many events in the same day

May 5th, 2011

On April 30th, Murphy Formal, Relay for Life and Cultivating Community Day were all scheduled to take place.

We feel that having multiple events occur on the same day is not beneficial for the student body and the rest of the JCU community.

Having many events scheduled on campus gives students many opportunities to participate in various activities. More events cater to different interests of students.

Unfortunately, too many events happening at the same time forces students to choose in what they want to participate. Though someone might want to be involved in many different activites, they are not able to  fulfill their desires if many programs are happening at the same time.

The many opportunities that students have because of all these events shows that John Carroll has a very active campus. It shows that the University community is concerned with many important issues.

However, being too active in too many things only spreads the influence too thin. The impact that events like Relay for Life could have is lessened by not having the strength in numbers that they would have if it were the only event on a given day.

We suggest that different campus groups work more closely with each other to schedule events on individual days or at different times on the days they are scheduled. Doing this will enable students to participate in all of the activities they want to. It will also allow activism or fund rasing events to have more attendees and thus, be more effective.

nd Sunday.

Java City’s new hours will make lunch more convenient to students who have class in the Dolan Science Center. I also provides an alternative to Einstein’s, which is usually busy between classes during the lunch hours.

The extended weekend hours of the dining hall will enable students to eat without having to wait until 11 a.m. for brunch to begin. The uniform closing hours will eliminate confusion as to when the dining hall closes. These extended hours will also allow students to eat three meals on Saturday and Sunday, rather than being restricted to brunch and dinner. This will increase the value of a meal plan because students will be able to use all of the meals they pay for that would normally be wasted.

It can be argued that a more full breakfast should be served instead of only serving continental breakfast. In addition to this, the gates to the dining hall should not close before closing time, as it is often closed preemptively.

The extended hours of Java City and the Schott Dining Hall will create more convenience for the JCU community, and it will facilitate an alternative to previous meal options.