Summer vacation fun

May 5th, 2011

I have a few countdowns happening simultaneously at the moment. I have one day left of class. There are three days until my birthday. There is one week of exams, which translates into one week until summer break. There are 48 days until summer officially begins, and hopefully fewer than that until the summer weather arrives.

However, there is one countdown above all else I am excited about. That is the 36 days that stands between me and the beach.

Obviously I’m excited about traveling down to the Outerbanks, North Carolina just because of the simple fact that I will be in the Outerbanks with (hopefully) sunshine, warm weather and the beach. It will be a fun, relaxing week and I will have absolutely no work to do. This is my perfect kind of summer vacation.

Vacations, in and of themselves, are fun. It’s a change of scenery,  a chance to escape the drudge of school and work; an escape from your everyday life for a week. Maybe you go somewhere brand new, or somewhere exotic, or just somewhere different. Maybe you go by yourself, or with a few friends, or a big group.

Although there are other cities I love more, the trip to the Outerbanks is my absolute favorite vacation.

I go every other year with family and when it’s an Outerbanks year it’s something I look forward to months in advance. It’s what gets me through the long, cold, dreary Cleveland winter.

The best part of this trip is that my entire family goes and we’ll all be staying in one house for a week.

And I’m not talking about mom, dad and brother when I say my entire family will be going. I mean my entire family. This includes my dad’s six brothers and sisters, spouses, their kids and my grandmother.

In total there will probably be 34 people. That is 34 people in one house for an entire week.

This may seem crazy. It is indeed crazy, but it’s also the best part of the trip. It’s what makes it my favorite vacation.

It’s hard to describe the chaos and fun to be had on our family vacations unless you know my family. When we’re together we’re loud and funny and ridiculous.

There’s almost a 100 percent chance at least one of my aunts will dance through the house singing at least once, and almost as great a chance that all several will do so.

It’s likely that an intensely competitive game of water volleyball will ensue and it’s almost guarenteed that someone will end up getting hit in the face with the ball.

At least one person will fall asleep in a common area and embarrasing pictures will absolutely be taken of them.

Chances are someone will end up sunburned and they will be made fun of. That person is usually me, but I’m hoping someone else gets that honor this year.

The point is this trip is a family tradition. The location and number of travelers has changed, but it has always been my favorite summer vacation and always lends itself to a slew of great memories.