Kulas Auditorium in need of renovation

May 5th, 2011

For years, John Carroll University talked about renovating and upgrating Kulas Auditorium, a one-time gymnasium that was put into temporary use as an auditorium. Now comes word that the roof is damaged and needs repair.

We think this is time to proceed with a new renovation. Renovating Kulas Auditorium has been put off for too long.

The student body would benefit from the renovation. Multiple student groups utilize the stage and auditorium. However, making these renovations would be costly.

Having a nice, new auditorium would reflect well on the University. It could be put to better use by students and the community, bringing in more money, so JCU would financially benefit. On the other hand, JCU isn’t well-known for its theater arts program, so even with a new auditorium, it’s not guaranteed to be put to more use and bring in more money. Renovations could bring in more students interested in theater arts, thus promoting and benefiting the program.

With a renovated auditorium, JCU would be viewed as a place that is more up-to-date and technologically advanced. The Dolan Donahue Auditorium is newly built and technologically advanced, so renovations made to Kulas Auditorium would raise it to an eqaully high standard.

Though it would be a significant expense to renovate Kulas Auditorium, it is time for an upgrade. It is a project that has been on the “back burner” for too long.