Friends with benefits

May 5th, 2011

The word friendship derives from two words – friend, meaning a person who decides that it is a fun idea to post incriminating pictures of you and them doing illicit activities while intoxicated on Facebook; and ship, meaning an old wooden boat. So logically, friendship is just a bunch of people hanging out on boats doing crazy stuff.

But it’s much more than that. And now that the Class of 2011 is graduating, I am really starting to appreciate friendship on a whole new level.

As much as I’d love to recognize all of my friends who have made an impact on me, I just don’t have the space on the page to list all of them.

So instead, I would like to dedicate this week to recognizing the many benefits of true friendships.

The foremost benefit of friendship is companionship. It’s a crazy world, but having someone there to go through it with you is always comforting.

There is a common misconception that a good friend will help you make the right choice. False. A good friend will help you make the fun choice. Sometimes the right choice is boring. You can always ask your academic advisor what the right choice is.

But your friends are the ones who should be telling you that sometimes it’s okay to just let go and see where you land. That’s how we’re meant to live our lives. That’s how new things get discovered. And sometimes that’s how you end up wondering if you’ll be in the Campus Crime Log next Thursday when The Carroll News comes out. See page two. Either way, what a great story for the next morning.

Friends are also the people who won’t stab you in the back, but when necessary, they aren’t afraid to stab you in the front. It might hurt at first, but in the end, you’re better for it. Nobody is perfect, but a good friend will remind you how awesome you are most of the time, and let you know that you’re not so awesome when you decide it would be funny to make a “That’s what she said” joke during your CLC group’s reflection and prayer time.

One of the best parts of friendship is that there always seems to be someone just for you. All you need to do is look in the right place.

Are you the absurdly intelligent, somewhat nerdy, but ultimately loveable type? Guess what—the whole third floor of Campion is dedicated to people like you.

Maybe you’re not so smart, but in place of your brains you have biceps. There is no short supply of jocks, even at our little D3 school.  Of course, not all jocks lack this mental strength. And for you, we have cross country.

Are you a rambunctious freshman who is just trying to find your way through university life by vandalizing property and hiding in secret compartments beneath your bed? That’s what Murphy is for. Embrace the squallor while it lasts.

And if you’re anywhere between these types of people, I’m sure you’ve found your own group of quirky people that you know only you can love. And that’s just part of what makes friendship great.

For me, my friends are everything. When I went on Manresa several weeks ago, I learned what love is. Turns out, I can honestly say that I love my friends.

They are the ones I laugh with, cry with, fight with and love. I would be greedy to ask for too much more.

So with that in mind, as they say in “The Hangover,” go and find your best friend, and give them a best friend hug (if his name happens to be Doug, even better).

So to all of the seniors who are graduating and have shared these experiences with me, thank you. And to all of the incoming freshmen who might be reading this, want to be my friend?