Manny Ramirez: Hall of Famer?

April 14th, 2011

Manny Ramirez is one of the best hitters in baseball history, plain and simple. Throughout his career, Ramirez has amassed 555 homers, 1831 career RBIs, a .312 batting average and over 2,500 hits. He was one of the most feared hitters in the MLB during his tenure in the late 90s with the Indians, and continued that dominance during his stint with the Red Sox from 2001-2008.

As great a hitter as Man-Ram was, there always seemed to be a more pressing problem with him: the fact that he’s an idiot.       I wholeheartedly mean that, too. Manny was always known for being silly, joking around or as it became known, “Manny being Manny.”

Ramirez suddenly wasn’t so funny anymore when he was suspended for 50 games in 2009 for violating baseball’s drug policy. Last Friday, Ramirez was suspended by the MLB for 100 games for once again violating the league’s drug policy. Rather than being suspended for 100 games at the age of 38, Ramirez opted to instead retire from baseball.

With the retirement of Ramirez, the question all of the sudden became: Does Manny Ramirez deserve to get in to the baseball Hall of Fame?

My answer? Not a chance. Sure, Ramirez is one of the best hitters in the history of baseball and won two World Series during his time in Boston, but the fact that Ramirez broke baseball’s drug policy not only once, but twice, is enough for me to shut the Hall of Fame door on Ramirez forever.

Even though I’m aYankees fan, I always respected Ramirez as a player during his time in Boston (even when he was making the Yankees pitching staff look like fools).

Ramirez won’t be remembered as a great defensive player, and he won’t be remembered for being a class act on and off the field either. What Man-Ram will be remembered for, instead, is being a great hitter, a fun player to watch, and a player that seemingly had very little common sense.

With his second violation of the MLB’s drug policy, Ramirez went from going to the Hall of Fame to the Hall of Shame.

On paper, when you look solely at Man-Ram’s numbers, there’s no doubt that he is a Hall of Fame baseball player, and one of the best to ever step on to the diamond. Unfortunately for Manny, rules are rules and he broke them not once, but twice.

Therefore, Mr. Ramirez, I think it’s more than likely that you can pretty much kiss your Hall of Fame chances goodbye.