JCU Dining to expand service, hours

April 14th, 2011

JCU Dining will be making adjustments to its hours and services at the end of this semester and next year. Director of Dining Services Tyson Dubay said the changes are the result of “testing the waters” to see what works.

After Easter Break, Java City, located on the ground floor of Grasselli Library, will be open during lunch hours from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. starting on April 26.

“We’ll offer a lot of the same grab-and-go stuff that we have at the Inn Between with the sandwiches, the salads, fruit cups [and] parfaits, along with the normal Java City lineup with the coffee drinks, and the smoothies and that kind of stuff,” Dubay said. “[We’re looking to have] at least one kind of soup too.”

Sophomore chemistry major Chase Banyots has never had a problem getting to Schott Dining Hall for lunch from the Dolan Center for Science and Technology, but he said it would be nice to have that convenience.

“It’d be good to get a cup of coffee in the afternoon instead of having to go to Einstein’s, which is really packed,” Banyots said.

Dubay noted that that side of campus does not have a lunch spot for students and faculty.

“[We’re] kind of targeting the library and Dolan to see if we can capture some more business on that side of campus,” he said. “If it does take off, then we have a place we might want to open up, or [with the] projects going on with Hamlin Quad over the summer, it might be used more next year as far as practices go and everything else [going on].”

Sophomore Alex Stultz said her science major friends would like having a lunch option on that side of campus when spending the day in Dolan Science Center.

“I think for the science people it’ll be beneficial,” she said.

Starting next year, Schott Dining Hall will open on weekends at 9 a.m. for continental breakfast, which will include bagels, Danishes, muffins, other breakfast breads, waffles, cereal, fruit, granola and yogurt. Brunch will continue to begin at 11 a.m.

“We’re adding another two more meal periods into the week,” Dubay said. “So you can swipe for breakfast and then swipe again for lunch.”

Freshman Abby Glass said she would like the change.

“I get up early to get work done,” she said. “It’s nice to have that option open.”

Schott Dining Hall will also stay open on Saturday night until 7 p.m. next year, instead of its current closing time at 6 p.m. By changing the closing time, the cafeteria will close at 7 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

“No going back and forth between 6 and 7 [p.m.],” Dubay said. “It’s confusing.”

Another meal plan option will be offered next year, which will include 125 meals-you-care-to-eat per semester and $200 in plus points. The plan costs $2,090 per semester.

“All meal plans next year will have some kind of money attached to them [in the form of] plus points,” Dubay said.

Sophomore Christina Getz said more plus points on a weekly meal plan would be beneficial.