What ‘type’ to wear: Tyra’s tips

April 7th, 2011

Today it is difficult to go shopping and find makeup, clothes, or hair product that match your body type perfectly.

In the fashion world, it seems like new trends arise every day.

Many magazines and websites tell women what they should wear, however, that certain trend may not look the same on different people.

Tyra Banks, fashion icon and host of hit television show, “America’s Next Top Model,” has started a website,, which brings a new meaning to fashion trends.

TypeF is a website where women can input their own body statistics, which include hair color, eye color, body shape and height.

With these stats, the website is able to conclude everything from what kind of makeup you should wear, what clothes look best on your body shape, as well as how to wear certain trends according to your stats.

Tyra’s new website also includes a mini Web series called Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion. In this series, Andre Leon Talley, one of her judges from “America’s Next Top Model” and editor of fashion magazine, “Vogue,” gives tips on how to wear seven different items of clothing. Her web series appears on a weekly basis and will stream on

According to Tyra Banks, the “F” in is defined as “fierce.” On the website, Banks has a blank slate open for users of the web to come up with their own definition of an F-word and why it is important to them.

With the recent cancelation of her television show, “The Tyra Banks Show,” Banks continues to work to remain a phenomenon in the fashion world.

Despite a rumored return to the runway, she is working to conquer the business side of fashion.

To gain more experience in the business world, she is currently enrolled at Harvard, where she will complete an executive education program in 2012.

With all the experience Banks is gaining, she is seeing both sides to the fashion world.

“TypeF, was able to give me great tips that I can use that fit my body type and features for when I go shopping or even when I get ready to go somewhere,” said junior Sarah Tyler.

“The website is a really cool new concept that makes high fashion available and possible for women outside of Hollywood,” said sophomore Katie Kotecki. “It’s so hard to find clothes that everyone can wear while looking good wearing it.”

As the fashion world continues to succeed so does Tyra. And Tyra Banks continues to change the fashion world for everyone.