JCU moves newspaper racks

April 7th, 2011

Recently, the Office of Residence Life removed the newspaper racks holding The New York Times, USA Today and The Plain Dealer from some residence halls, and put some in new locations.

The main problem with the newspaper racks in some of the residence halls was securing the racks inside the buildings but outside of the point of the fob doors.

Moving the newspaper racks is beneficial because it prevents the University from paying for unread papers and more students are getting the newspapers.

Because of the move, the Student Union, whose budget from the Student Activity Fee funds the delivery of the papers, is no longer paying for so many unread papers.

Greg Petsche, resident assistant in Sutowski Hall and executive vice president of the Student Union, led this project. Petsche noted that only nine to 11 papers were being taken. Continuing to spend money on delivery would only lessen the budget to keep the Readership Program going.

Though there are no longer racks in Sutowski, Campion, Hamlin or Millor, there have been more racks added in the Boler School of Business, the O’Malley Center, Bernet Hall and the Inn Between. This way, newspapers are available to more students.

This move is an inconvenience to some because The New York Times, USA Today and The Plain Dealer are no longer available in some of the residence halls, and residents in these halls will have to travel to another location to get their newspapers.

However, the moving of the racks and the adjusted amount of newspapers will ensure that students’ money is being efficiently used and not wasted on the delivery of unread papers.